Tuesday, January 4, 2011

SCCM Package replication status gadget for Windows 7 Sidebar

Making sure your packages are replicating correctly in your SMS hierarchy is important.
Sometimes, you even want to know as soon as possible when a package has been replicated!
This has been useful when a new office is being build far away, and I want to inform the fields technicians on site when they'll be allowed to push out software.

Therefore, I present the "PackageStatusDetailSummarizer" gadget for Windows 7 Sidebar!


It's like  the "Package Status" view in the "Configuration Manager Console", just neater in a gadget :-)

Inspiration from

To install in Windows 7:
  1. drop the folder "PackageStatusDetailSummarizer.Gadget" in %userprofile%\appdata\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar
  2. right click on your desktop, choose "Gadgets", you should see it in the list
  3. right click, "install"
  4. configure by setting the options, just like a normal gadget
  5. Be careful with the refresh interval in the options, if you set it to low you can hurt your site's performance.

If you want to customize it,just close the gadget and edit the files in the folder you have copied (see the "Windows Sidebar" link)
The possibilites are endless : check the deployment of packages,advertisements, software updates, site health etc..


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